Author Credits for Circle CPA Films:

Stock footage provided by Videvo, YuNu, Hélio Afonso, and surmandan, downloaded from

Aerial Shot of Beach and Palm Trees, Young Couple Watching Sunset, Close up of a Hand Running Through Crops, Hot Drinks Purchase at Stall, Stressed Woman Looking at Bills, Couple Walking along Westminster Bridge, Mother and Child Unwrapping Present, Slow Motion Surfers on a Beach, Swimmer Looking Out Over Ocean at Sunset, Man Working From Home at Laptop, Young Woman Using Smart Phone, Two Young Business Women Working at Computer, Couple Paying Bills Online, Close Up of Young Woman Working at Computer, Young Woman Typing on Computer at Desk, Girl Using Smart Phone Close up, Colorful Ferris Wheel Turning: Videvo

Sunset swinging: YuNu

Beach by Drone: Hélio Afonso

POV Zipline Through Forest: surmandan

Woman checking her smartphone in a cafe: Margot Nelson, filmed by Andrew Hancock