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Are my documents safe online?

Circle CPA is proud to partner with to safely share documents online. Box adheres to the highest industry standards for security so you can share, access, and manage your content with confidence. All files uploaded to Box are encrypted at rest using 256-bit AES encryption. For files in transit, TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2 encryption is used. Content is stored in secure data centers on enterprise-grade servers that undergo regular audits and are monitored 24/7. Files are backed up daily to additional facilities. Box is also SAS70 Type II and Safe Harbor certified.


Is "Pay What You Want" too good to be true?

No. See here, here, here, and here for more details.


Are there any hidden fees?

No. We ask for payment only after your taxes are completed and filed.


What happens if I get audited?

We'll handle it for returns we've completed, and like our normal service, you'll pay us whatever price you want.

Do you prepare large business, estates, nonprofit, or trust returns?

Not at this time; however, we expect to do so in the future.


Who are you?

Circle CPA is made up of real-life American humans. No T-1000s allowed.


Do you complete amended returns?

Yes, and like our normal service, you’ll pay us whatever price you want.


What small business returns do you prepare?

We prepare 1120-S and 1065 returns that have the following characteristics: under $250,000 in revenue and $250,000 in assets (S-corporations), and under $250,000 in revenue and $1,000,000 in assets (LLCs/partnerships).