The gold standard.

It’s no secret that CPAs are the best: when it comes to preparing your taxes, no person or software is more likely to minimize the amount you owe the government than a CPA.

You choose our fee.

At Circle CPA, we want you to get your taxes done right. We also want you to feel good about what you’re paying for that assurance, so we’ve implemented a business model where you decide our fee, after all services have been rendered. No hidden fees. Simply pay the amount you feel the time and money savings are worth.

How does it work?

After you upload your tax documents to our secure online portal, a CPA will prepare your returns, contact you if necessary, then upload a draft for your review. Once approved, we e-file. Then it's time to pay your fee. The amount is up to you.

Currently, Circle CPA prepares individual tax returns for US citizens. Our offerings will be expanded in the future.

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